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Taiwan sell 60,000! Yamaha 2022 R3 with minor upgrades
Release date:2022.03.24

Yamaha R3, which was listed in China last year, recently ushered in the update of 2022 models in Taiwan Province. This time, the COMPANY also unveiled MT-03 together with R3. There are changes to the 2022 R3 in terms of styling, power data and, most sensitive of all, price.

First and most striking is the new livery of the 2022 R3 in orange and gray, which may at first remind you of the notoriously grumpy KTM, but it also gives car owners a new feel. The new R3 logo, while slightly lower than the other blue and black painted versions, is also more visible, as is the striking gold handstand front fork.


The 2022 model has also been improved in terms of invisible power, with the new model's maximum torque upgraded from 28.4nm /9000rpm to 29.42nm /9000 RPM, a slight improvement that won't be too noticeable in the actual driving experience. It also comes with the same exhaust styling available in China, which is slimmer and slimmer, plus a protective shell for the exhaust pipe.

After the upgrade of painting and power optimization, the price of the new R3 model 2022 has also increased to NT $270,000, an increase of NT $7,000 (NT $1563). That is about rmb13, 000 more than R3, which is on sale in the mainland.

Yamaha R3 after a long time of rumors, last year was finally a non-castrated version into the domestic, 46800 yuan in many of the same level of competitive models is the norm. If the 2022 models are updated synchronously in China, the price is expected to remain at the same level as now. After all, several models of the same level are still very competitive.

What do you think of the new R3?