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8980 yuan, spring breeze ST Fofo huan new market
Release date:2022.03.24

Recently mentioned repeatedly for the single rocker arm 250SR and the new 450SR, The spring Has quietly introduced the 2022 ST Baboon today. The price of the new model -- 8,980 yuan is the same as before.


Spring Breeze, a new car that focuses on dimensional evolution, mainly adopts a new painting color, which is changed from a small fresh style to a dark color based on deep space gray. The new painting is composed of matte silver car paint and dragon print.

Other configurations have not changed. The 7kW engine, vertical front fork, seat height of 775mm and 114kg spare weight remain the same. The new SPRING Breeze ST Baboon is still friendly to small white cars.

At present, there are still few such small-displacement and small-size entry-level models in China. I hope that Chunfeng can bring the strategy of 250 series models to this little baboon in the future, and bring more new small models with more playability to everyone.