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328,800 yuan, kawasaki new H2 SX SE released
Release date:2022.03.22

Kawasaki has unveiled its new flagship sports wagon, Ninja H2 SX SE, in China. The new car costs 328,800 yuan and is available only in a shiny green color scheme.


Ninja H2 SX SE has so many electric controls that you can't get used to them without a few minutes.

In addition to the regular KTRC traction control, KEBC engine brake control, KQS quick shift control, KLCM ejection control, KIBS smart brake, KIPASS Kawasaki Smart induction start system. It is also the first motorcycle to be equipped with ARAS radar-assisted system, which provides collision warning and blind spot monitoring; As well as equipped with ACC adaptive cruise, VHA parking assist system, ESS emergency warning signal.

There are also minor tweaks to improve the driving experience, with wider seats, new USB power and handlebar heating, and quick detachable side compartment support. The new 6.5-inch TFT meter connects to the phone and adjusts skyhook electronic shock absorbers, as well as radar modules for the headlights and rear.

Kawasaki's flagship sportswear model is still powered by the same supercharged engine, but otherwise there are no major changes. The sport brigade with large displacement is also gradually hot in recent years. Honda, Suzuki and Ducati all have models launched. After the big displacement, they hope to launch the entry-level sport brigade model with small displacement.