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Qianjiang new 350 pedal, carrying their own ABS?
Release date:2022.03.22

Recently, qianjiang was exposed to cooperate with Harley to develop the new 353. Yesterday, qianjiang also announced that it will launch its own big pedal. The new car will be the first big pedal model of sub-brand QJMOTOR.


Qianjiang's new pedal was previously shown at the Chongqing Motorcycle Fair, where it was presented in a tailless version. In addition to the regular LED lights, the model was also equipped with a front dual disc brake and BYBRE callipers, as well as a soaring windscreen.

As for the new car's power parameters, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology information qianjiang filed last year also disclosed that the new car is also equipped with a 350cc engine, the maximum power is 25.2kw, the top speed is 139km/h, and the spare weight is 195kg.

The qianjiang has a bit more power than the newly launched 350, though the braking system may be slightly less than that of its own 9.1 ABS. In the last application, qianjiang's new car also has an optional tailbox version. Whether this version has more familiar ABS can only be disclosed later.

Qianjiang pedal is expected to be on the market after the official announcement. How much do you think the price of QJMOTOR's new big pedal will be?