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26,880 yuan, Wuji 350AC, sports streetcar in vintage clothes
Release date:2022.03.22

26680 yuan, wuji new model restoring ancient ways --350AC was also officially released yesterday, the new member of this wuji pioneer restoring ancient ways family has two kinds of body color can choose, respectively for moonlight silver, star black.


The new car has been exposed many times before, the most commendable is the 322CC engine, this engine in the 321RR but attracted a lot of attention; The retro 350AC with the engine is more like a sport-utility scooter in a retro coat.

The new upgraded 350AC in power, compared with the old single cylinder 300AC, but to improve a large section, the maximum power of 30Kw/10500rpm, the maximum torque 31n. m/9000rpm, this power data is quite bright in the same model.

The new 350AC features a BOSCH electro-spray system, a sliding clutch, a dual-channel ABS system, an inverted front damper and a center-offset rear damper. In addition, there are 298mm+240mm front and rear large diameter disc brake, front and rear 17 inch half hot melt vacuum tire and 4 chamber back pressure package muffler.

The 350AC retains its compact body structure and is more powerful than its predecessor. Other aspects include TFT screen projection instrument and vehicle LED lamp set.

Judging by the official engine power parameters, it's going to take some work to experience the driving pleasure of this retro model. And the new 350AC in the upgrade, although the price of 26880 yuan has increased, but the vehicle configuration and power are still very competitive, we will feel the new 350AC how?