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ABS matching? GPR250 streetcar version is coming soon
Release date:2022.03.17

A few days ago, Apulia's official account released the news of a new GPR250S car. While we are still guessing what new tricks Apulia will play, today the official revealed more information about this new player.


Apulia from the official disclosure of the news, can see the new GPR250S seems to be a focus on the performance of the sport car, the new car is also full of combat, but it does not seem to use the full enveloping fairing design, but a semi-enveloping model.

Apulia's new GPR250S should be the Tuono version that has been applied by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As for the tuning of the GPR250R engine (20.5kW /9000rpm, 21.5nm /7500rpm), the official did not reveal much this time.

In terms of configuration, the new GPR250S can now be learned that the front and rear light groups are used LED light source, the headlights are also used on the recently popular LED lamp design, and the turn signal is also used LED.

Instrument is a digital LCD dial, but the dial does not show the information of ABS, braking will be added to the ABS will have to wait for the subsequent disclosure, there is also a possibility that ABS will appear in the optional seat.

With GPR250R priced at 26,800 yuan, how much do you think the street version of GPR250S will cost?