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40,000? Two new models of Domestic 650 will be on the market
Release date:2022.03.17

Among the new cars recently announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there are also two 650CC class models for domestic middleweight new cars. Moto Morini motorcycle Molini has applied for 3C certification of Sevenzo Seiemmezzo climbing version and streetcar version.



According to the information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the two new 650cc class Motomorini models seem to use the same frame undercarriage. The spare weight of both models is 215kg and the dry weight is reported to be 198kg, which is also 11kg lighter than the last ADV model X-Cape.

In addition to the same weight, the Moto Molini 650 has many other features that have been revealed so far, including a top speed of 170km/h and a combination of 18-inch front and 17-inch rear all-terrain tires.

In terms of braking, both sevenzo Seiemmezzo models are in line with the X-Cape, with Bosch's 9.0ABS anti-lock braking system and dual disc front brakes.

Although the two different versions of the car have many similarities, but the different positioning of the car is also made corresponding Settings, from the published information can also be seen, the climbing version with spokes wheel and longer travel golden inverted front fork to highlight its performance.

Moto Molini's new Sevenzo is still equipped with a spring breeze asynchronous 650cc twin engine with a maximum power of 45kW. Details of the tuning of the new engine are yet to be revealed.

As the Beijing motorcycle show is approaching, moto Morini these two models will be released in May at the soonest, and with ADV model X-Cape on the market before 45880 yuan, we think the price of these two models will be how much?