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50 horses, 168kg! Chunfeng 450SR will be available in May at the earliest
Release date:2022.03.15

Chunfeng's new middleweight sports car 450SR has finally declared its IDENTITY card in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology after many exposures. The final shape of the new car is not significantly different from the previous exposure.

According to the disclosed application information, chunfeng has a maximum factory speed of 190km/h. The 450SR is powered by an actual 449cc engine with a maximum power of 37kW and about 50 horsepower.

The 450SR has a trim mass of 168kg, and its dry weight can be lowered to more than 150kg of the current 250cc model made in China. The tyre combination is front 110 and back 150, and the braking is currently known as Bosch 9.1m ABS and front single-disc brake disc.

As for the look of the new car, the miIT application appears to be based on more model-like renderings rather than photos taken in the field, though there are also steering lights mounted on the rearview mirror and a shiny, inverted front fork.


From the previous official wind tunnel warm-up, to now the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to declare the identity certificate, which also indicates that the car will be officially launched. The 450SR will be unveiled at the Beijing Motorcycle Show or at their own track day in May at the soonest, and it remains to be seen how much of a surprise the spring breeze can bring.