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Honda NS125 open for presale, with keyless start
Release date:2022.03.15

New Continent Honda officially opened the pre-sale of the new NS125 LA yesterday. This European retro pedal has three colors to choose from, namely goddess red, cloud sky blue and ivory white.


In addition to the smart Key system we previously reported, there are VA LCD meters; A built-in USB charging port is reserved.

The lamp set is composed of round LED headlights, unique taillights and double flashing lights. The seat cushion is also changed from the flat design of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but adopts the caterpillar shape disclosed before.

There are also 20L barrel seats, front 12 and back 10 inch vacuum tires. Unfortunately, the information released so far does not reveal the capacity of the tank.

What do you think of this retro little pedal?