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Kawasaki KLX230R 2022 New it's here
Release date:2022.03.15

Kawasaki's new 2022 OFF-road vehicle "KLX230R" and its model "KLX230RS".


The Kawasaki KLX230R (Kawasaki KLX230R) is an off-road model developed simultaneously with the Kawasaki KLX230. It uses an air-cooled 4-stroke 232cc single-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 19ps to achieve strong torque from low to rotational range and ensures high reliability through its simple construction.

In addition, large suspension travel (front 250mm/ rear 251mm) and sufficient height from the road surface (300mm) ensure high ride performance on a road surface that can adapt to all conditions.

All parts of the KLX230 have been upgraded, including resin groove and aluminum swing arm. With a total length of 115kg, the 2022 New Kawasaki Motor KLX230R is only an upgrade of body color and design, and the main performance specifications remain unchanged.

The KLX230RS improves seat height while maintaining the basic performance of the KLX230R by limiting suspension travel to 220mm at the front (-30mm lower than the KLX230R) and 223mm at the rear (-28mm lower than the KLX230R). The KLX230R and KLX230RS are priced at 528,000 yen (about 29,826 yuan) in Japan.