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Three highlights? No maximum pedal SR4 Max details disclosed
Release date:2022.03.10

Longxin Wuji's first big pedal, from last year's Chongqing Motorcycle Fair debut, has been the focus of everyone, the official last announced SR4 Max will be released on the 18th of this month, yesterday pushed the highlights of the car.

From the official publicity, the new car highlights the exterior design, engine and frame of the three aspects.


The new SR4 Max is powered by the same POWER platform from BMW and looks similar to the C400GT, which is nothing to be surprised about.

This is the official description of the frame of the new SR4 Max, which shows that the new frame will have a good performance in terms of strength and stability.

As for the shock-absorbable suspension system, KYB shock absorption is used on the real car shown before, and how wuji can be adjusted will be known only after the subsequent test.

Finally, the "BMW" seems to mean something; As we all know, THE C400 series models sold by BMW are OEM produced by Longxin. The "know all you know" advertised this time may imply that their SR4 Max has good quality.

Of course, all of this is just official hype, and it remains to be seen how The new SR4 Max will perform.

But the new car, using the same power and technology as BMW's platform, could still be attractive. But in the end, whether we can pay to experience the quality of the car depends on whether Longxin will carry out the "price butcher" strategy to the end and give you a surprise ~