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Honda unveils new 'toy' for Kids
Release date:2022.03.10

Honda has joined forces with Greenger Motors of the United States to launch the CRF-E2 mini electric utility vehicle, targeting the children's market.


Honda's electric pedal inherits the consistent design elements of CRF cars. The body is decorated with blue and white patterns on the bottom of red, and the appearance is very similar to CRF450R and CRF250R.

The new CRF-E2 is powered by a 48-volt BLDC motor that produces a maximum output of 3.4Hp and 24.9 Nm of torque, which is sufficient for a car weighing only about 48 kg.

Equipped with 20AH lithium battery is also a highlight, not only can be replaced, and can last up to two hours. It takes 4 hours for normal charging and 2.5 hours for quick charging, and weighs 5.8 kilograms.

Although the Honda car is just an electric play car, there is no ambiguity in the configuration, with an aluminum cradle frame, 12-inch off-road tires and adjustable seat heights of 629 to 647mm.

Suspension system is vertical front fork, with pre-load, springback adjustable mid-mounted rear shock absorbers; Braking is used before and after 190mm single disc, and equipped with adjustable brake pull rod.

Honda's electric toy is currently selling for $2,950 overseas. If the subsequent introduction of domestic, conditional is can be taken to the venue to play ~