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Priced at less than 40,000 yuan, yinsteel SUV500 is coming soon
Release date:2022.03.08

The company has not had large engine models in its indigenous hooded models. Earlier hooded models were mostly small, though recently it will release hooded 450-cc SUV500 models


SUV500, from the name can feel, this car hopes to be positioned like SUV, large storage space, carrying capacity, but also not bad through, not only can meet the city travel, but also can travel on weekends

The engine was built on the well-known NC450 platform, with an actual displacement of 450cc, a maximum power of 30kW at 8000 RPM and a maximum torque of 37N.m at 7000 RPM. Hooded single-cylinder water-cooled engine, undeniably stable, made sense for hooded motor models that did not emphasize speed

Hang this is based on a silver steel suspension is the accumulation of the KuaZi models, front suspension using shake frame hanging like the urals, steering and shock clever separately, while increase the weight of the vehicle, but in the bad road conditions will guarantee stability, in the sidecar joint and lateral wheel hanging processing is considered as far as possible the riding comfort of vehicle

In terms of appearance, we also take into account the tough attributes of SUV, and try our best to show the tough side of the vehicle whether it is color matching or lines

In terms of storage and people capacity, the car is no Slater.

And the trunk is to be able to hold three full helmets, there is surplus, at the same time in the front and side bucket are installed in the front and the side of the shelf that is tough and has the actual capacity to carry things

So hooded scooters like that, if sold for less than 40, 000, were what you wanted?