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Honda has added a new car to the minibike camp, the ST125 Dax dachshund
Release date:2022.04.14

At the 2022 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda unveiled not only the upgraded coffee retro Hawk 11, but also the classic mini motorcycle ST125 Dax "Dachshund", which may have been well known to Domestic car buyers. It was dubbed "Giraffe" by its unique T-shaped frame structure. It was first released in 1969 as a supplement to Monkey "Monkey" and was active in The European market, though it was phased out after 2003. Now Honda is bringing it back to life with a more personalized MINK BIKE model to choose from.

Not to mention the fact that the ST125 Dax looks like a Dachshund with a long body and short limbs, and the pronunciation of Dax is similar to Dachshund, it soon became popular among its fans. The dachshund is more functional than the monkey, with a longer seat allowing for more comfortable sitting and easier driving for adults. At the same time, it retains the same interesting appearance and inner spirit as "Monkey".


The new ST125 Dax is powered by the same Monkey 125, a 124cc single-cylinder air-cooled horizontal engine with a maximum power of 6.9kW, using a no-clutch four-speed semi-automatic transmission and a PGM-FI electro-injection system. The main difference between the Monkey 125 and the Monkey 125 is its one-piece, stamped steel frame, which gives it a 3.4-liter fuel tank, but Honda's dark tech (low-friction cylinders and rocker arms, efficient and clean air intake system, and precise electronic injection unit (ECU)) gives it a range of 240km /h and 90km/h.

The configuration has also been optimized and upgraded in accordance with The Times, such as LED round headlights, LCD liquid crystal instruments, front and rear 12-inch wheels, front and rear disc brakes, and front wheels with ABS anti-lock braking function. The sitting height is 775mm, and the ready weight is 107kg. Two colors of Pearl Nebula red and Pearl Military Academy grey are available. The price is similar to that of Cub Cub, equivalent to RMB more than 2W.

Honda has now expanded its lineup of minibikes to three, including the ST125 Dax, Z125 Monkey and Grom MSX125. Although their distinctive features make them unique, Honda may not bring them to China because they are too expensive and niche. Domestic words jincheng launched similar models, curve to meet the car friends of their love.

Dax ST125 specification sheet

Length × width × height 1760x760x1020mm

The wheelbase 1200 mm

775 mm high

Vehicle weight 107 kg

Engine form air cooled SOHC single cylinder

123 cc displacement

Cylinder diameter × stroke 50×63.1mm

The compression ratio of 10.0

Maximum output 6.9KW /7000rpm

Maximum torque 10.8nm /5000rpm

Transmission form 4 speed

Tank capacity 3.8L

Tire dimensions front 120/70-12 rear 130/70-12

Brake type front and rear disc brake