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Benali 1301ccV engine exposed, learn from KTM?
Release date:2022.04.14

Benali, who has kept a low profile of late, has recently been revealed to be working on a new version of the engine, a radical change from the current 1200GT in-line three-cylinder, this time with an entirely new design.

According to the engine patent, benali's new engine is an actual engine with a displacement of 1,301cc. The "2V" in the exposed code name "QJ2V108MYL" also indicates that it is a V-shaped twin-cylinder engine, and the cylinder diameter of the new engine is 108mm.

What benelli's new engine will appear in is yet to be confirmed, but interestingly, benelli's new V-twin-cylinder engine seems to have a lot in common with the KTM 1290 LC8, both in appearance and internal data.


After comparing the look and numbers of the two engines, you might be thinking the same thing. The New Benali engine is not as neat as the KTM, but it's basically the same. The displacement of the other two engines is the actual displacement of 1301cc v-twin engine, and the cylinder diameter of 108mm is the same.

Whether or not benelli's new engine is based on the LC8 of the KTM 1290 is debatable, but it is certain that after the application of the new engine patent by Benelli, according to the pace of the new car, there should be a corresponding model soon.

It is hoped that Benali will launch a new model equipped with this upgraded engine in terms of design and manufacturing to fit the 1301ccV twin cylinder engine.