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250cc, 100 horsepower! Do you dare to believe?
Release date:2022.04.14

Squeezing 100 horsepower out of a 250cc car is scary to think of. After all, the Kawasaki four-cylinder 250 only has 46 horsepower at maximum, and the ducati 937, the quasi-public upgrade model we tested earlier, has 110 horsepower at maximum, which is the upgraded data.

But the Trick Star team in Japan recently did just that, squeezing the maximum horsepower of kawasaki's new 250 (ZX-25R) to 100 horsepower, more than double the 46 horsepower of the current model.

In addition to adding a turbocharger, the Trick Star team also changed the proper exhaust system, improved injection system and ECU Settings. It took several tweaks to get a maximum speed of 252km/h (241km/h for GPS).


The Trick Star team squeezed 100 horsepower out of the four-cylinder 250 to meet a small goal set last summer of getting the 250 to a top speed of 252km/h. Fortunately, hard work pays off. After half a year's efforts, this small goal is achieved.

Kawasaki's new-age four-cylinder 250, with all its technology, seems to have a lot of potential. It will be interesting to see what the 250 can do from the initial 60 HP breakthrough to the current 100 HP. Finally, I hope domestic manufacturers can launch this kind of excellent engine as soon as possible