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V2, 600cc new car! Ducati in the middle?
Release date:2022.04.21

Ducati recently launched a new climbing model in China, and there are some new news out recently, foreign media disclosed that Ducati'S CEO Claudio Domenicali revealed in an interview, will continue to launch a new model related to the V4 engine.


Ducati hasn't revealed much about the upcoming model, but sources have suggested that the 600cc V2 will be based on the V4, and the new engine will have the same cylinder reduction operation as the APulia RS660.

Ducati currently has two versions of the V4 engine, one is the sports car version of the performance V4 (1103cc) with desmodromic valve control system; The other is the V4 Granturismo (1158cc), developed for the rv model, which costs less.



Ducati will launch a new mid-weight V2 model, which is expected to be based on the V4 engine of the Adventure model. It remains to be seen how much of the maximum 170 horsepower can be used after being retuned from the 158cc engine to the V2, which is 579cc.

Ducati's recent changes to the new model are also quite aggressive, as can be seen from the Monster 937. Of course, only time will tell whether ducati's new model will be a 600cc V2.

But in the last two years apulia and Yamaha have been looking for a change in the middleweight division, Honda and Suzuki have also made moves in the middleweight division, and ducati is not surprised to join the competition.