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A smaller Pan Am. Harley is working on a new adventure
Release date:2022.04.21

In the past two years, Harley has gradually introduced some new car lines and modified models in the process of transformation. The previously launched Adventure series -- Pan Am is a brand new experiment of Harley. Now Harley seems to taste the sweet in this area, and recently it was revealed that it will develop a new adventure model.


Two new models, code-named RA965S and RA975, appear on Harley's cached page on its website. The RA model code refers to the Revolution Max Adventure, Harley-Davidson's new powertrain platform, and the Pan America 1250 model code RA1250.

Harley's naming logic suggests that the RA 975 will be a new adventure car with a 975cc Revolution Max engine; RA 965S is a bit strange, whether this version has a spelling error or a special version with reduced displacement, we will have to confirm later.


What is certain is that the RA 975, Harley's next adventure after the Pan America 1250, is already in the pipeline, with the 975 Nightster, a cruise model with a 975 power platform, expected to be unveiled soon.

The Revolution Max, Harley's new power platform, has gradually replaced the old models, and on this basis, it is also constantly enriching its product line. Hopefully, Harley will introduce more new cars of different lines in the future.