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Kawasaki's new Versys 650 will be available in China with a new look and traction control
Release date:2022.04.21

Some time ago in China to promote the promotion of Versys 650 (15,000) Kawasaki, and recently for this model to declare the new 3C certification, which also means that the new Versys 650 is about to be launched in China, and the new model compared to the old version has a lot of changes.

Kawasaki's new Versys 650 has two major changes: a new look and improved electric controls.


The new Versys 650 features a new look that takes Ninja design elements from the kawasaki family and features a front fairing and headlights that are more sporty than the original.

The 2022 Versys 650 is a new addition to the kawasaki Traction Control system (KTRC, which can be turned off). The new system has two modes: Mode 1 manages traction during a turn, helping to accelerate out of a corner. Mode 2 allows for early intervention and reduced engine output when excessive wheel skidding is detected, allowing the tires to gain maximum grip.


Some details have also been improved, including a new windshield that can be manually adjusted (in four gears) and a new 4.3-inch full-color TFT meter that connects to your phone via Kawasaki's RIDEOLOGY THE APP for maintenance information.

The 2022 Versys 650 also has a slight engine adjustment, with maximum power and RPM adjusted to 49kw@8500rpm and maximum torque maintained at 61N·m@7000rpm. Other aspects are to maintain the configuration of the old model.

The suspension system is a 41mm inverted front fork with adjustable springback and spring preload, and a side-mounted single-barrel rear shock absorber with adjustable preload. The front and rear travel is still 150mm and 145mm.

Braking is the front pair of 300 mm petal disc +2 double piston calipers, with the rear single 250mm petal disc + single piston calipers, the same new car with standard ABS.

As a road car, the new Versys 650 doesn't pull as hard at the wheel, with more road-friendly alloy wheels and 17-inch front and rear tire combinations.

Kawasaki's Versys 650 has many competitors in China, including both the hard pull and the Sportswear. It is interesting to see how Kawasaki will introduce the new Versys 650, which is priced at 85,500 yuan in China, as it will not be as easy to capture the market as before.