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Gsx-s750, they're going out of production?
Release date:2022.04.21

The gsX-S750, a four-cylinder model of Suzuki's middleweight streetcar, which was almost released in China, will be discontinued after this year, it has been revealed. Sources in Japan say the suspension of the Suzuki model has something to do with increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

The suspension of Suzuki's four-cylinder GSX-S750 is not surprising. Previously, Yousan's four-cylinder middleweight model also stopped production due to emissions. It is normal for Suzuki to respond to the development of The Times. Suzuki's recent updates to the model and new patents also give some clues.


The Suzuki GSX S750 hasn't had a major overhaul for some time, starting in 2018. The 2022 model, which was unveiled at the Milan Motor Show last year, only has a slight change in the flower, rather than a new design like the older brother GSX S1000, and even the headlights of the 2022 model are now halogen light sources.

Suzuki's new patent is also for a middleweight streetcar, which has previously been revealed to have a 700cc twin-cylinder engine. This situation is expected to replace the GSX-750, which Suzuki did in the same way that Yamaha's R7 replaced the R6.

With the arrival of suzuki GSX-S750 production news, also means that this four-cylinder model is no longer introduced to the possibility of domestic. Gsx-s750 should also be a domestic Suzuki car friends will be difficult to level a model, after all, this four-cylinder model has been infinitely close to the domestic market, unfortunately, because of various reasons later failed.

Follow-up Suzuki to introduce large displacement models, is expected to only the twin cylinder.