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From RMB 118,000, ducati's two new climbing series are on the market
Release date:2022.04.21

Ducati yesterday unveiled two new Scrambler models -- the 1100 Tribute PRO and the Urban Motard -- priced at 150,000 yuan and 118,000 yuan respectively.

Ducati's new 1100 Tribute PRO features a new, commemorative "Giallo Ocra" color scheme, a 1970s Ducati logo on the fuel tank, black spokes and brown seats.

Featuring inverted front forks, Brembo calipers, front 18 and back 17 inch tires, the historic 1100 Tribute PRO also features modern electronic throttle systems, traction control, and Bosch Corner ABS.

The new car is equipped with an air-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 1079cc, the maximum power is 62.2kw@7500rpm, and the torque can bring 88N·m at 5000rpm. The 1100 Tribute PRO's high level exhaust design is a bit clever.


The new 1100 Tribute PRO features a 45mm inverted Mazuki front fork on the front suspension and a Kayaba center suspension on the rear; With a height of 810mm, a dry weight of 194kg and a fuel tank capacity of 15L, this is the only commemorative color available for the new car.

The Urban Motard, which starts at $118,000, takes a completely different approach, with its high-front fender and street-art graffiti, and its livery is dominated by a bold palette of red, white and black.

The entry-level Scrambler is powered by a 803cc air-cooled engine, and the 54kW maximum power isn't much less than the commemorative 1100 Tribute PRO, but the 65N·m maximum torque fits the bill.

The new model is also slightly weaker in terms of configuration, with the suspension using front and rear Kayaba shock absorbers, and braking with Brembo calipers and front and rear Bosch corner ABS. Other aspects of the whole car LED lamp group, LCD instrument.

The new Urban Motard sits 805mm higher than the 1100, and has 17-inch spokes on both the front and rear wheels; The dry weight is 182kg and the fuel tank capacity is 13.5L.

Ducati's new model, which starts at 118,000 yuan, is still only available with this doodle.