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When should motorcycle spark plugs be replaced?
Release date:2022.04.26

Spark plug also has a life, according to the use of different, replacement interval difference is also very large.

The most obvious feeling is that the car is not good when the spark plug is used in the late stage. It takes 5~6 seconds to get the car. This is because the spark plug electrode is consumed too much, and the central electrode is rounded by electric spark.

The tip discharge principle is well known. The spark is most likely to be released in a concentrated way from the electrode tip. In this case, the spark will be very weak and stray, and it will not be stable.

In addition, too large a gap in the spark plug will cause the ignition strength is not strong enough to penetrate the gap gas discharge to ignite the mixture.

Judge whether the spark plug should be changed, the most intuitive feeling is the increase in fuel consumption, one hundred kilometers or even one to two oil, at this time you will feel pained, the exhaust pipe exhaust is not the tail gas, but the crash pull all the way off steel jump ah.


There is also the performance of the car is climbing ability to decline, especially when the rapid acceleration of the car power obviously become meat, there is no outbreak of power. This situation is mostly because the spark plug ignition effect is poor misfire rate increases, the mixture combustion is not sufficient or even unburned is discharged, can not play the power.

These are spark plug in the normal use of the phenomenon, the occurrence of these situations shows that the spark plug design life has arrived, need to retire.

What about abnormal use? Let's also comb through it according to experience.

Cold car start normal, hot car start difficult, this is because spark plug long-term use, resistance value has changed, the main performance is normal driving often feel the throttle in a certain section of a sudden feel does not work, the engine pause and then return to normal.

Some cars will appear in the driving, and there is no rule, this is generally caused by spark plug broken fire, because the spark plug has a breakdown part, resulting in high voltage leakage, occasionally no spark.

There are cars, cold car start difficult, idle unstable after starting, suddenly high and low, exhaust gas has a pungent smell of gasoline, fuel consumption, hot car idle back to normal, this is likely to be the spark plug carbon.

Some cars appear engine jitter, noise, and even hear the sound of cylinder knocking, which is likely to spark plug central electrode ceramic body damage, this situation will cause the engine detonation, spark plug appearance may not have a change, encounter this situation is a word: change.

Throttle is not sensitive and slow, especially when driving at high speed or accelerating rapidly, the feeling is very different from before. Most of it is caused by the spark plug insulator leakage, or it may be caused by too much carbon accumulation that leads to bypass discharge, which must be replaced.

These are some of the typical case of comb, in this case, you can put this into consideration, because in the spark plug is a normal operation, the general owners can solve, only after the new spark plug the problem remains, just that is caused by other components failure, if it is beyond the scope of owner's knowledge, or to find a professional repairman to troubleshoot problems.