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Yamaha T-900 is in development and could debut as soon as the end of the year
Release date:2022.04.26

Yamaha has recently released a number of anniversary editions of various models, and some new news has leaked out. Following the release of the two-tank Tenere 700 World Raid, Yamaha is working on a new adventure model, the Tenere 900.

Yamaha's new Adventure will be based on an existing 889cc CP3 engine, the same one used by the torque Master MT-09, which delivers good torque and meets the power requirements of the Adventure.


Yamaha's 900cc class is not as extreme as its previous two-tank Tenere 700. The first version will be a regular adventure model for the first 19 and last 17; Foreign media is also based on the previous T-700 made for reference only to the relevant rendering of the addiction.

There's no official word yet on exactly what yamaha's new Adventure will actually look like, but sources overseas say it could debut as soon as the end of the year. How will the engine be adjusted in the future? I will give you follow-up reports.

Yamaha actually launched the 1200 series adventure model in 2010, but it was withdrawn from the market by the end of 2020 due to insufficient product strength to compete with waterbird and non-twin models. Yamaha is back in the big engine adventure market with a change of strategy, and with the Tenere 700 already incorporating Dakar technology, the new Tenere 900 May offer some surprises