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How about the Viet321RR?
Release date:2022.04.26

The 321RR was officially released in December last year. The starting price of the 321RR is 25,980 yuan, which has attracted the attention of many car owners. Today, let's talk about this entry-level sports car with outstanding cost performance and what the owners think of it.

Model Profile:

Kaiyue 321RR has two versions of high-matched blade version and regular version, priced at 26,980 yuan and 25,980 yuan respectively. The two versions of the car are single-arm design, the difference is the car color, TFT intelligent instrument and control buttons, engine and other hardware configuration is the same.

With its wind tunnel tested body, lightweight design, rich configuration and high price, The Cayue 321RR has entered the 250~400cc sports car market, becoming a model that can push down 250 and challenge up 400.

As the popularity of the 321RR wanes and more competitive models are launched, the stability and operation quality of the vehicle is now more worthy of attention.


Second-hand situation

At present, most of the 321RR models in the second-hand market are still quasi-new models, with a mileage of about 2000 and a price of about 24,000. Of course, this is the price of the car, and the resale price is expected to be suppressed by second-hand merchants.

My feedback


1, lightweight body, flexible operation and driving

2, single rocker arm design, high appearance level

3, rich configuration, cost-effective

4, the engine speed rises quickly, the acceleration is strong


1. The shock absorption is hard, and the commuting cycling bumps are obvious on urban streets

2, the brake is soft, the front brake braking force is insufficient

3. Strong sense of shift and frustration, and riding comfort needs to be improved

4. Occasionally there will be resonance in the low position, resulting in some abnormal sound at the windshield, but it is not very large

Are you the owner of a Viet321RR?

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