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19 Honda four-cylinder, one of the most popular replicas of the late last century
Release date:2022.05.06

Anyone who lived in the 1970s and 1980s knows that owning your own motorcycle was a big deal. But at that time because of the domestic motorcycle mostly rely on imports, and in the domestic can be licensed motorcycle only those small displacement motorcycle, for the popular four cylinder motorcycle is also many domestic motorcycle friends dream of the car, is not expected to be that.

However, in the domestic second-hand market at that time, there are a lot of second-hand motorcycle parts from overseas across the sea into some domestic ports, from these second-hand original models because they are foreign eliminated second-hand cars or some scrapped cars, but in the hands of the car repair veteran can also slowly look for parts to assemble.

Especially those larger displacement second-hand motorcycle, assembled can obtain a lot of profit in the secondary market circulation, so the water wheel at the time of the domestic popular in many cities, because these vehicles are not have road legal license, so can only be used for personal collection, if you look carefully, these second-hand motorcycle come from abroad, some preservation, Some are incomplete, no matter how the car, after renovation into a 70 or 80 percent new water truck.


Among these second-hand motorcycles, there is no lack of some good performance of the four-cylinder street cars, imitation racing cars, especially Honda series imitation race is a lot of kinds. From these used cars, we can see that the foreign motorcycles at that time were well made and very popular in the domestic motorcycle market.

Honda imported gray motorcycle has a king model in Japan's local sales, that is the MC250 imitation motorcycle, the domestic motorcycle called "Honda 19", CBR250RR, this car is produced from Japan original soil, is a high performance imitation racing car, four-cylinder 16-valve high power engine, with the highest 20000 turn adjustment, That's 45 horsepower out of this high-retransmission motor.

The early product of this MC19 phase is MC17 phase, which is the earliest imitation product of The Japanese CBR series at that time. For the product of the 1980s, it is still a 250CC high performance locomotive of the same year under a large enclosure due to its reliable quality and strong explosive force 250CC engine.


From MC17 phase to MC19 phase, the displacement of the two models is the same, but the engine is updated. The body shell of MC19 phase is easier to heat the heat than that of MC17 phase. The outer cover of the whole vehicle has been greatly changed, and the headlights have also been changed to double round headlights. It was also a popular model in foreign markets at that time.

Honda 19 period because there is no list at home, so in the form of gray, although is produced in the late 1980 s of the motorcycle, but in private collections of ownership is very big, has ridden the car ride a friend should know how much the 250 level of locomotive radical, with four cylinder engine of Honda engine, can experience on a variety of circuit TuiBei sense stimulation.

Have you heard of the MC19 issue from Honda? After the 19 issue has also produced several classic imitation race type, such as MC22, MC23, MC29, etc., with the closer to the era, displacement also increases correspondingly, but for the 250CC four-cylinder Honda 19 issue is an unforgettable memory of many motorcycle friends.