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The 2022 Honda CBR500 series has been released with a number of important configuration upgrades!
Release date:2022.05.06

On April 28, Honda DreamWing 2022 CBR500R/CB500F/CB500X three models were officially unveiled, and announced a number of important configuration upgrades.

After the new design of the inverted front fork and lightweight back rocker arm, CB500 series models get better sports performance, driving control quality jumped to a higher level again.

The CB500F and CBR500R also use new radial calipers and lightweight hubs for sharper steering characteristics and a more comfortable ride.

The exterior design uses a new color palette and decals to highlight the three models' redefined performance evolution and sports aesthetics.

Since the Honda DreamWing entered the Chinese market in 2014, the CB500 series has maintained high popularity in the market. Release this update models, but also from the overall development concept has carried on the comprehensive upgrade and evolution, evolution of reinforcement in the pursuit of style and performance at the same time, both the driving comfort and power output, increased car playability and full degree, let the CB500 series models in the same level models have strong competitiveness and more attractive.

2022 CBR500R: Track soul unleaches inner instinct

Driving the handsome imitation racing car across the city streets, passers-by are infinitely attracted by the existence of pure track soul, so that the instinct released more thoroughly, this is the CBR500R with the development concept of "more exciting · more satisfaction". The 2022 CBR500R can ride on urban roads and curves freely, and become a fashion favorite in trendy streets. The balanced integration of cool fashion and driving performance makes the 2022 CBR500R radiate a unique charm of vitality.

From street to track, CBR500R owners can create a unique style of city travel, weekend trips to the suburbs or experience the fun of the track, making this motorcycle a high-quality life partner with diverse appeal.


The aggressive and sporty front design of the CBR500R shows the desire to break free and conquer the road. The engine is characterized by strong power output in the full speed range, which can be used for a variety of purposes, from city to mountain road, so that the fun of riding can be fully spread. The 2022 CBR500R features a 41mm diameter SFF-BP inverted front fork that enhances rigidity around the front of the car, making handling easier.

The rear rocker arm is also lightweight, which not only inhibits the unsprung mass, but also makes the control easier and more accurate. The front wheels are upgraded with dual brake discs and matched with radial antidirection calipers. Braking force and braking feel have been significantly improved. Wheels, CBR500R also realize the lightweight, style design taking into consideration the front wheel matching and optimization of the double brake disc, steering stability and driving comfort feeling jumped to a new height, walking system upgrade, also let knights have unprecedented ride at ease and comfort, even a female knight, and also can easily get started.

In terms of exterior upgrades, the 2022 CBR500R has a domineering fairing, and the front part of the swooping posture is full of tension.

The new CBR500R offers two color schemes of red/black/white and black/gray to choose from. While highlighting the overall dynamic and power of the body, the perfect integration of color collocation and body makes the vehicle full in visual effect.

2022 CB500F: Handsome grid for night exile

The 2022 CB500F is born in accordance with the development concept of "more exciting, more satisfying". It can not only bring high-quality urban cycling, become the focus of the street, but also carry the heart of freedom to go outside the city on holidays, become a sharp tool for outing. Covering the different yearning and fun of high-quality riders, cycling becomes a way to release the true pleasure of the heart. The 2022 CB500F has endless fun to ride naturally.

From the city to the suburbs, CB500F owners can not only feel the convenience of urban transportation, but also enjoy weekend trips to the countryside with friends, making this motorcycle a high-quality life companion full of pure driving fun.

The body with sharp curves seems to be trying to cut through the thick air of the city's steel forest, which is the essence of CB500F's shape design. And this model carries the engine can be in the full speed area strong, smooth output power, more can adapt to the city and outing different road conditions.


The configuration of the sFF-BP inverted front fork with a diameter of 41 mm strengthens the rigidity around the front of the car, making the CB500F, which has always been the main charm of control, more sharp and accurate. Compared with the preceding paragraph, the weight of the rear rocker arm is reduced by 1.1kg, which not only reduces the unsprung mass, but also makes the steering feedback more balanced and free. Upgrade the front wheel double brake disc, for users to bring stronger braking force and more secure braking experience. The application of radial callipers can slow down the speeding wheels more quickly and steadily, and also make users more accurate and secure in the control of CB500F.

With the appearance upgrade of CB500F, the wheel style also looks lighter, and the new hub style also brings obvious lightweight effect. With the new braking system, the unsprung mass can be better restrained, so that the control feedback is more sensitive and the steering feeling is easier. In addition, the CB500F has also been optimized and upgraded for the lighting system. Through the optimization of the internal structure of the lighting system, the irradiation range is wider and the lighting effect is better.

In terms of color, the 2022 CB500F offers two color schemes, black/gray and red/black, which are both cool and bold.

CB500X 2022: The spirit of exploration inspires adventure

The 2022 CB500X is developed with the concept of "tenacious and reliable adventure partner" as its unadulterated spirit of exploration. It can create a high-quality daily travel experience for riders, or arouse riders' desire for distant places. It can even ride off the road to satisfy riders' curiosity about wilderness or mountain forest, cross boundary exploration, seamless switch, and create a dream for adventurous riders.


From city commutes to motorcycle trips, CB500X owners can enjoy the city in peace or take their vacations for customized adventure trips, making the bike a quality life companion for more than just the road.

The 2022 CB500X adds a significant sense of sport on the basis of the crossover ADV style, making the crossover more thorough and easier to attract young people's favor. Start the vehicle, engine power output is smooth and strong, thousands of miles can be unimpeded. The 2022 CB500X also features a 41mm diameter SFF-BP inverted front fork, which improves braking stability and comfort by increasing rigidity around the front. Handling performance is also upgraded to better.

The 2022 CB500X uses front wheel dual brake discs for more braking power and better braking effect, in order to make the long journey more secure for the rider.

In terms of the rear rocker arm, the new CB500X uses a lightweight rear rocker arm by optimizing the plate thickness of each part of the rear rocker arm and on the basis of ensuring the strength of use, the optimization of the rigid balance also makes its rotary performance reach the optimal state, effectively inhibiting the unspring mass and improving the user's riding comfort. The new CB500X also upgrades the lighting system simultaneously. Through the new shape of the internal reflector design and the optimization of the interior extension color of the headlights, the 2022 CB500X has more relaxation of the near and far light distribution, more comfortable to operate when the lights are on, and the lighting effect has been significantly improved, making the knight feel confident when going through the dark.

The new CB500X offers two color schemes of red/black/white and black/gray, hoping to make more young people fall in love with adventure through a more sporty and youthful design scheme.

In recent years, Honda DreamWing business in China has not only accelerated the store layout, but also accelerated the pace of product introduction to unify with the global product strategy. The Honda DreamWing upgrades the CB500 series of three models, for motorcycle friends to bring a different lifestyle and pure driving fun.