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100 km acceleration 4.1s! Italian trained Cienzo, starting at 42,800?
Release date:2022.05.06

At 8:00 PM on April 26th, the launch of the new motorcycle Molini Civenzo was held as scheduled, and this much-discussed new model finally unveiled its mysterious unveiling.

In fact, in March, sharp-eyed netizens have found that the Motorcycle Molini Sevenzo appeared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology directory new car announcement, the launch of this new car is expected. What we are most concerned about is the price. The new car is divided into two versions, STR streetcar version and SCR climbing version are priced at 42,800 yuan and 44,800 yuan respectively. Do not know this price, the net friend feel sweet?

The overall design of the car adopts the original Italian style, which is slightly different from the classic retro car. The whole car of Seiemmezzo 6½ incorporates some modern science and technology elements, which not only reproduces the classic of "Italy", but also fully meets the aesthetic needs of modern people in pursuit of fashion.

In terms of power, Sevenzo is equipped with in-line twin-cylinder water-cooled engine with actual displacement of 649cc, maximum power of 45KW/8500rpm(Country ⅳ), and maximum torque of 56N.m /7000rpm. It is said that the Italian team of Motomorini adapted and adjusted the internal materials and ECU map of the engine, and the improved engine has a higher peak speed, better quality and more durable. The 100km acceleration is only 4.1s, and the maximum speed can reach 180km/h conservatively. From the data point of view, the performance can be said to be quite bright.

In terms of configuration, the whole car of Ciwenzo Seiemmezzo adopts LED light source, and the unique design style and personality of the headlights attract the eyes, and the identification rate is high. Optimized and upgraded steel tube frame, using 20# chromium-molybdenum steel high strength fish scale welding frame, from quality to form double stable, no matter in terms of flexural strength and flexural stiffness are obviously better than the same model, which is also its biggest bright spot. TFT color LCD instrument, mobile phone screen projection navigation, multi-theme switch, tire pressure monitoring, handlebar backlight switch, can be said to be popular, intelligent elements are available, configuration is quite heart, very humanized.


On the brakes, the configuration is also very hardcore. Bosch 9.1MB dual channel ABS system ensures balanced distribution of braking force before and after. The whole system adopts Brembo original configuration, front one-way double piston calipers with double 298mm floating disc, rear brake system with 255mm opposite double piston calipers brake disc, lower expansion coefficient, greatly improve the braking performance of the whole vehicle. When riding, the braking distance of the vehicle is relatively short, which effectively improves the safety factor and enhances the driving experience.

Efficient transmission DID chain, so that the linear transmission of power, more flexible control. The car dry weight 215kg, wheelbase 1440mm, seat height 795mm, front wheel 120/70Z/R18, rear wheel 160/60Z/R17 Pirelli multi-functional tires, stronger grip, more stable, the minimum ground clearance can reach 170mm. The large fuel tank with a volume of 15.5L can effectively improve the vehicle mileage and fully meet the needs of motorcycle riders for long-distance motorcycle travel.

The STR Streetcar version and the SCR climb version have roughly the same configuration. The SCR version, however, has modified the wheels, front fenders, handlebars, shock absorbers and stylized gauges for the climbing style.

Color, STR version for starlight white, rhine-red, fog medium gray three options; SCR edition is wilderness green, sea pine blue, black black three.

Motormolini Seiemmezzo 6½ This new model is hotly discussed on the whole network, which is widely favored by overseas car fans and attracts high attention from domestic car fans. Although Cervenzo Seiemmezzo 6½ is produced in China, its production quality, process control is the same, and details such as welding and paint baking are quite delicate.

And the slogan "using the price of domestic cars to create the quality of imported cars" is not just talk, after all, it is from the Italian brand, product power, brand power, quality control that is quite online. This new car in positioning, pricing and configuration can be said to be full of sincerity, fully meet the current market demand, as for the future sales, we may wish to wait and see.