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Qianjiang 250 new car exposure, pedal market also began to fight?
Release date:2022.05.06

Strength strong car speed qianjiang, in addition to preparing to be listed in the fun big pedal 350, recently exposed a new development of 250CC level of pedal, new models are many car friends like and better practical "flat pedal".

From the exposure of the renderings, qianjiang this new car is a flat pedal, but the appearance of the styling also adopts the mainstream sports style design. The front of the car is equipped with LED headlights, and the steering lamp is an unusual water lamp. Unfortunately, the front windshield seems to be unadjustable.

In terms of pedal configuration, qianjiang 250 is equipped with ABS, front and rear brakes with discs and dual piston calipers, and suspension system with the usual vertical front fork and rear dual barrel shock absorbers.

As for the engine part of the new car, there is no word yet, and qianjiang is currently sold on the 250 platform with both single-cylinder and dual-cylinder engines. According to the current competitive models equipped, qianjiang new 250 pedal is also expected to carry a single cylinder engine.


Qianjiang this flat pedal specific configuration, according to the current domestic models are not expected to be low. Compared with the configuration of auxiliary riding, I am more curious about the practical performance of this 250-level pedal, the endurance of the new car, and the storage capacity of the bucket, but how this part will be reported later when there is news.

Judging from the new models launched by domestic manufacturers in recent years, the competition for domestic models seems to have gone from retro and sports cars to pedal models now. And in wuji, Qianjiang and other car enterprises began to enter the pedal market to join the dogfight, I hope to bring you more good models.