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What does a Goggin 500 look like?
Release date:2022.05.06

Recently this period of time in the domestic action frequently high gold, recently there is a new car in the overseas exposure, in the street car, retro, climb and cruise and other models, this time finally ushered in the fairing running car department new car.

It is reported that this sports car is equipped with a 500cc engine, which is a power level that Gao Jin is familiar with at present, but the existing twin cylinder engine is not more suitable for high speed sports car models. Gao Jin will develop the sports car based on the current actual engine with 486cc displacement (46N·m/6750rpm, 37KW /8500rpm). It's gonna take some work to set it up.


In addition to revealing engine displacement, renderings of the car have also been circulated overseas, with the fuel tank featuring elements of Golkin's current 500cc class vintage sports models, as well as a single-arm frame and soaring rear exhaust.

As for the new 500cc sports car to be developed, there is no specific information officially at present, but just as the so-called "no smoke without fire", in the domestic sports car market is so hot, it is not surprising that Gojin wants to enter this segment of the field.

Gorkin's 500cc class has already covered streetcars, retro, climbing and so on, so it makes sense to launch sports cars next. As for what the new sports car will look like, we will follow you later.