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When the motorcycle is running, it suddenly turns off. It is very difficult to start again. It needs to be placed for a while.
Release date:2022.05.12

Recently by a motorcycle, car age is old, is a brand new continents across to ride a motorcycle, the owners according to the report, his car has been well before, but recently a period of time, driving the engine suddenly shut down on its own, sometimes again when you start the engine, the engine can sometimes start the fire, sometimes can not start the fire, put to the side of the road for a while, Before the engine can start again.

After receiving the vehicle, verify first, turn on the ignition switch, press the start button, start the engine for inspection.

With a light start sound, the engine smooth car, slowly increase the throttle opening, the engine working speed can not quickly improve, add the feeling of no oil, the engine working speed slowly reduced, and then self-flameout. When started again, the engine would not start, even if the choke was closed.

According to the fault phenomenon and the preliminary analysis of the inspection results, it is determined that the abnormal operation of the fuel system leads to the self-flameout of the engine. However, after the inspection of the fuel system, it is confirmed that the technical status of the fuel system is good, and the possibility of the self-flameout caused by the abnormal operation of the fuel system is eliminated.

Except for oil, that's electricity. Let's see if there's a high pressure fire.


Pull out the high voltage wire from the spark plug, hold the high voltage wire to the engine body, and keep a distance of 1 cm, press the start button, found no electric spark between the high voltage wire and the car body, this is obviously the ignition system without high voltage electric spark failure, no high pressure fire, the engine will of course flameout.

According to the maintenance experience, the engine self-extinguishing failure caused by the ignition system is usually characterized by the sudden failure of the engine. An engine self-extinguishing failure caused by the fuel system, usually characterized by a slow engine shutdown. The difference between the two is obvious and can be judged with a little experience.

From the pickup, the test engine self-flameout fault phenomenon analysis, is with the fuel system does not work normally caused by the characteristics of the engine self-flameout fault, but the inspection confirmed that the ignition system is no high voltage electric spark, caused the engine self-flameout fault, which is the meaning of a compound fault.

When combing the ignition system circuit to check whether there are breakpoints or false contacts, it was found that the car was installed with a burglar alarm. Suddenly thought, if the burglar alarm failure, the motorcycle certainly can not work properly, it may also lead to engine flameout failure ah, will not be the reason for it?

It is much easier to check the burglar alarm than the ignition system by simply disconnecting the burglar alarm from the cable harness connector.

Disconnect the connection between the burglar alarm and the cable harness connector, press the start button, put the high voltage line close to the car body, and produce a bright electric spark, which indicates that the ignition system has been restored to normal, itself is not faulty.

Install the high voltage wire to the spark plug, press the start button for test run, and the engine can be smoothly started and ignited by the start motor. Idle operation is stable and acceleration is sensitive.

Then the burglar alarm and cable harness connector docking for inspection, the engine itself flameout.

This strongly suggests that the car's ignition system was not faulty, but that the burglar alarm was not working, causing the engine to stall. This thing also often lead to motorcycle battery loss, ask the owner, also not how to use, so directly help him to remove the burglar alarm, and help him restore the ignition circuit.

After the road test, the motorcycle runs normally, and there is no engine flameout phenomenon. After a few days of return visit, the failure did not reappear, it is proved that the failure of the alarm device caused the engine to flameout failure, the owner of this thing for nothing so many days.