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Why does pedal motorcycle start to vibrate?
Release date:2022.05.12

Scooters start shaking failure is a common operation failure, the failure phenomenon is that, when increasing the throttle opening, slowly increase the engine working speed, the centrifugal clutch start joint, motorcycle to overcome the initial resistance began to take off, then the motorcycle driver can feel body shaking, with the improvement of engine working speed, motorcycle jitter increase gradually, Until the speed of the motorcycle is increased, the motorcycle jitter will be alleviated, and the motorcycle jitter will disappear completely after the motorcycle runs normally.

Because the motorcycle jitter fault occurs when the motorcycle starts, it is called motorcycle start jitter fault.

When motorcycle started shaking fault is very light, running on motorcycle is not big, the influence of the fault the heavier motorcycle started shaking, make riding people feel very uncomfortable, not only the driver's hands wrap a sense of shock, sometimes can also be heard a larger work noise transmission box and transmission belt transmission box side cover flop jitter strokes.


According to the actual maintenance situation, motorcycle start jitter fault is caused by the lack of normal maintenance of motorcycle transmission system.

Some maintenance personnel think that the motorcycle transmission system structure is simple, usually without maintenance. As a result of neglecting the maintenance of the motorcycle transmission system, the motorcycle finally started jitter fault.

The common reasons for motorcycle start jitter fault are:

The first kind of circumstance: motorcycle driving system of the movement of the driven pulley plate with fixed plate, poor lubrication between moving plate resistance increases, the axial activity in spring and tightly fixed plate under the action of v belt, so that the driving pulley drive driven pulley rotates, v-belt compact and light, produce sliding.

Not only does the triangle belt produce shaking and beating the side cover of the transmission box produce working noise, but when the centrifugal clutch is put into work, the power is transferred to the rear wheel of the car, which leads to the fault of the motorcycle start shaking.

The second case: the clutch friction plate on the centrifugal clutch chamfering at both ends is too small, the motorcycle after a period of time, the clutch friction plate wear, lost the chamfering.

When the centrifugal clutch is put into work, the clutch friction plate overcomes the pull of the spring to open and engage the clutch shell under the action of centrifugal force. Because the two ends of the clutch friction plate lose chamfering, making the clutch friction plate and the clutch shell can not smoothly engage, power transfer to the car rear wheel, resulting in the motorcycle start jitter fault.

The third case: Clutch friction plate working surface is stained with oil, and some clutch of excessive grease injection clutch at work, in the high temperature grease and under the action of centrifugal force, and to drain out along the axial direction, then splash to the clutch shell and clutch friction plate and clutch shell joint can produce abnormal sliding, power passed to the rear wheel, resulting in failure of the motorcycle start shaking.

In the elimination of the motorcycle start jitter fault, whether caused by that one reason, it is best to carry out a comprehensive inspection and maintenance, to ensure that the motorcycle start shaking fault no longer occurs.