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Retire next year, want to buy a motorcycle to travel, what do you recommend?
Release date:2022.05.19

Many motorcycle riders are in the prime of life, while others choose to wait until retirement for an experience of wind and freedom. For some older motorcycle friends, because of personal constitution, preferences and other factors, in the choice of motorcycle and young groups are also slightly different.

For many motorcycle friends, there are many models to choose motorcycle travel, but the general middle-aged and elderly are not too high requirements for models, most of them take comfort and stability as the primary consideration, and small and medium-sized displacement models with certain portability and flexibility are more suitable for the elderly. For this type of car also has an important indicator, that is to be lighter than the liter level, taking these factors into account, many middle-aged and elderly motorcycle friends on the displacement requirements are basically enough.

Haojue Suzuki DL250

Price: 26,580-27,680 yuan

For this car is also known by many motorcycle friends as the motorcycle travel faithful car, in terms of performance and quality are worthy of consideration. To a large extent, THE DL250 car can be used as a priority choice for middle-aged and elderly motorcycle riders. The power is just 250CC level, and the DL250 power used for recreational vehicles is still sufficient for this level, and the parameters of the two-cylinder water-cooled engine are in place in all aspects.


From the use of this car group, not only many young motorcycle friends, but also many middle-aged and elderly friends widely used a motorcycle travel special car, for the middle-aged and elderly group after retirement, is a model worth recommending.

Zongshen Saikelon RX3S

Price: 29,800-32,800 yuan


Zonshen Saikalong RX3S is equipped with a two-cylinder water-cooled engine of the new generation TC400 power platform. The actual displacement is 401cc, the maximum power is 31.5kW, and the maximum torque is 34N·m. The data performance in all aspects is also quite good. Unique in the design of the pull car beak, is very suitable for motorcycle travel a car, and under the boost of the twin cylinder engine, the performance is also in line with the needs of long-distance motorcycle travel, for some middle-aged and old motorcycle friends like long-distance riding or a good choice.

The exterior design of the whole vehicle is tough, much like a professional rally car. Although the displacement and power are not as good as those of BMW'S GS models with displacement above, it is one of the models worth considering for middle-aged and old motorcycle friends with little power demand.

Haojue TR300

Price: 26,680-27,980 Yuan


Cruise Prince is not a sport model, stability and durability is the plus of this type of model, more in line with the needs of the motorcycle friends.

The cruise prince car, which has just been released by Jao, uses a two-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke engine, a compression ratio of 11.5:1, a maximum power of 21.5kW (8500r/min), a maximum torque of 27.8n.m (6500r/min), a fuel tank of 16L, displacement of 298ML, the overall configuration is not bad.

From all aspects of data performance, Haojao TR300 this car has exquisite workmanship and superior dynamic performance, riding triangle and seat posture are in line with the elements of prince Cruise car, if the displacement does not require motorcycle friends can choose, of course, for many middle-aged and elderly motorcycle friends, is indeed a good car.

For the above three models are suitable for some middle-aged and old motorcycle friends like riding, and other models are also many, but the specific degree of personal preference.