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No one wants to fall, no one can completely avoid falling, the important thing is...
Release date:2022.05.19

These days, someone in the Sekelon RC401 test when bending the car, attracted the whole network hot discussion. The video of Sekelon RC401 falling on the mountain road has been repeatedly discussed and opinions vary. The sekelon official could not hold back, and hurried to issue feedback and improvement plans for the car, and made detailed explanations, which can be said that they attach great importance to it.

In view of the incident, the current seckelong official has made a statement and improvement plan. As for the car, the probe can be lengthened according to the needs of the rider, and the modification kit is more suitable for novice riding. For people, Secron will also carry out relevant track experience and safety driving training. Two hands, as far as possible to allow users to experience seckelon products more safely. Such an attitude deserves recognition.

For motorcycle friends concerned about the real cause of falling, no more than two directions: either the reason of the people or the reason of the car. There are also a lot of experienced car friends on the Internet to do serious analysis.

After repeatedly watching the video, I feel that grinding to the exhaust bottom is indeed a part of the cause of falling, but not the whole reason. The analysis shows that there may be two reasons for the crash: first, the tire pressure is too high or the warm tire is insufficient, which may occur; Secondly, the driver's personal operation problems, the front side hanging left foot into the corner and the left side of the body is not very fit, in the corner due to the body instability caused by the driver's left hand pinch clutch action, resulting in the engine power output is not coherent, thus driving imbalance in the corner, causing the car fall.

But the specific cause of the car we do not know, here regardless, mo friends according to their own cognition to screen. But no matter which direction the problem is, the more important thing should be how to be safer in cycling, to avoid or reduce the situation of falling as much as possible, and enjoy riding safely. After all, the best riders have fallen, even Marquez and Rossi.

At the same time, the general motorcyclists are urged to choose leisure cycling as far as possible, and hold a respectful attitude towards cycling and motorbikes, especially those who have just got a driver's license and are still in the novice stage. Driver, after all, everyone's different levels, and motorcycle driving skills and safe driving concept also has a lot of different levels of knowledge, to master the related content, need to constantly learning, constantly experience, practice, only the driving skills and safe driving concept mastery, can truly safe riding, experience the cycling of extreme pleasure.