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Official disclosure of the new RC390 is imminent
Release date:2022.05.19

KTM's new copy RC390 is about to be released on the market in China, although it is not new news, but since the last declaration of 3C information, this is the first time that KTM official channels revealed this new upgraded copy race models will be on the market.

KTM Guangzhou yesterday disclosed the price of all models in 2022, there are many car friends look forward to the 2022 RC390. In Japan, India and other Asian countries, most of the small-engine replicas are scheduled to go on sale in June; Given the pace of KTM s new car launches in Korea, the company is expected to launch its new RC390 as early as next month.

As for the selling price of the 2022 RC390 model that you are concerned about, the selling price of several new models of 2022 models released by KTM in China has increased by different degrees. The new 1290 SDR launched a few days ago increased by 9000 yuan. Overseas sources revealed that the new RC390 will increase or around 3000 yuan.


Of course, there is no official confirmation of this, but with the new RC390 upgraded lightweight frame, better performance WP front and rear adjustable damping, optimized wheels and calipers, as well as corners ABS, traction control and other improvements, the 2022 RC390 is expected to increase prices.

However, the domestic 400CC sports car market is like the Colosseum, the major manufacturers are quite fierce, but in the second half of the year and the introduction of the legendary CBR400R, the new RC390 want to seize the market is not easy. Do you think there will be a price increase for the 2022 RC390? If you increase the price, what is the acceptable amount?