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From 87,980 yuan, Huswana 250 two impulse, four impulse off-road domestic listing
Release date:2022.05.19

Today huswana released two professional off-road new cars in China -TE250i, FE250, although the price of the two models is similar, but the core part is respectively equipped with a two-stroke engine, four-stroke engine.

The 87980 YUAN TE250i is equipped with a 249cc single-cylinder 2-stroke engine with no fuel mixing technology. It also has a more concentrated weight and precise gear displacement transmission.

It also features an innovative 3D tailor-made exhaust system, an excellent noise reduction and lightweight aluminum mounting bracket and an advanced interior structure.

The 88980 YUAN FE250 is equipped with the actual displacement of 249.9cc single cylinder engine, although it is a four-stroke, but the compression ratio reached an amazing 13.8:1, at the same time equipped with a dual oil pump pressure lubrication system, the engine only weighs 27.6kg.


In addition, the exhaust is a three-stage detachable design, the exhaust front section and the middle section are separated, the structure is more compact, the connecting part can be disassembled without taking out the shock absorber.

Both husvana off-road models are also lightweight, using chromium-molybdenum steel frames and carbon-fibre composite subframes that weigh just over 1kg (70 per cent polyamide and 30 per cent carbon-fibre split).

The suspension is a WP kit specifically designed for Enduro off-road riding, with 300mm front and back travel. WP XPLOR 48mm front fork, single chamber shock absorber, springs on each side, rebound damping and compression damping functions independently. Fully adjustable WP XACT rear shock absorbers provide advanced damping characteristics for the series, while multi-link suspension allows lower rear pressure for better control in extreme off-road conditions.

In addition, there are CNC couplings with black oxidation treatment, providing bidirectional handlebar adjustment as a standard function; BRAKTEC hydraulic power clutch and brake system, and FRONT 260mm back 220mm GSK waveform brake disc.

Both Huswana suVs are also equipped with controlled traction control that can tailor engine characteristics to the driver's preferences, conditions and terrain to modify power output. MAP 1, for standard and full power; MAP 2, for softer power output and delayed ignition time, for rough terrain.

The starting price of the two off-road models of Hu Siwana is 87,980 yuan, which is almost the same as the price of the EXC series launched by KTM. The high price and the professional setting of Enduro also ensure that this kind of model is only suitable for some car friends, and also brings a dream to some car friends who love off-road.