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BMW playing street fighter again? New model brand information exposure
Release date:2022.05.31

Recently, BMW has made frequent moves in the development of new models. After launching the new 50th anniversary edition OF M1000RR and applying for the trademark information of "R12", BMW has applied for the information of a new model with the trademark name of "Roctane".


BMW's new Roctane doesn't have the same pronounced displacement and family size as the newly declared "R12" or other models, but the "R" still implies that the new model will have engines from the famous Boxer family.

The Roctane brand is reminiscent of BMW's old street fighter, the Rockster, which also has a boxer engine and is more radical in styling and mobility than other BMW models of the same age.


BMW's new Roctane model may follow the Rockster style with a new Boxer Street Fighter, powered by the same 1200cc engine as the R12, according to sources. Unfortunately, this claim has not been officially confirmed. What exactly is the new Roctane? We will follow up with you later.