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$90,000? Kawasaki Z650RS will soon be available in China
Release date:2022.05.31

Kawasaki revealed today that it will bring a new Z-series model next week after a long time of no action. The official declared successor of Z650 is expected to be the previously launched Z650RS. The photo accompanying the official tweet also shows the identity of the new car.

Kawasaki launched this RS series models last year, is based on their own Z650 development, power, configuration and frame part are the same platform, the new model in the appearance design, instrumentation and other aspects of the RS model processing.

Z650RS has retro classic round lights, double round meters, spoke-like wheels and other designs, but also like the elder brother Z900RS, is a retro sports streetcar, configuration has been reported before (new Z650RS release!) I'm not going to say much about it today.


The Z650RS, though based on the same platform, is slightly higher in Kawasaki's overall line-up than the other two models on the same platform, which is reflected in the price of these models, both in Japan and Europe, where the Z650RS are more expensive.

Combined with the domestic price of Z650 (77,600 yuan), Z900 (107,900 yuan) and Z900RS (139,000 yuan), the new Z650RS is expected to be launched at about 90,000 yuan in China.

The Trident660 and CB650R, the two competing models in this displacement level, are also priced in this range. However, the two sports retro models are a three-cylinder model and a four-cylinder model. If the Kawasaki twin-cylinder Z650RS were released at 90,000 yuan, what would you choose?