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What does the big trade motorcycle have within 80 thousand? The best displacement in 600CC, what is recommended
Release date:2022.06.09

Motorcycle friends in the choice of motorcycle, will consider the choice of what models and price budget positioning, motorcycle brand and displacement is different, the corresponding price is also far away. In the process of choosing a car, many motorcycle friends tend to be more tangled, there is a motorcycle friend asked in the background, in terms of quality and reliability of some of the big car what to choose? The price requirement can be bought within eighty thousand, and the displacement had better be about 600CC.

For this problem is estimated to be many friends of the tangle. Considering that the imported models of big trade are more expensive, but for domestic series models, big trade cars may have a greater grasp of quality, after all, boutique car series are mostly in imported cars. The cost performance of the big car is not so good, so, the budget of eighty thousand, what kind of 600CC level about the displacement of models?

Below these models of big trade, we can refer to.

Honda CBR500R guide price: 69800 yuan

About big importing CB500 series at home are more attention, due to the displacement of this car is in the middle level 500 cc, for most of the friends, the car's dynamic data is also worthy of comparison, after all, the price of the premium and the formation of large displacement difference, vehicle used duplex water-cooling engine, The maximum horsepower is 50.3ps and the maximum power is 37KW. Dealing with daily cycling is also possible, of course, less than eighty thousand imitation racing cars.

BMW C400 guide price: 68900 yuan -- 90200 yuan

As for bmW-series scooters, its price is often not very good, but for scooters with small and medium displacement within 80,000, this C400 is also worth considering. As the power engine of this car adopts a single-cylinder 400CC water-cooled engine, but the actual displacement is only 350CC, But for the 600CC class, this car is really a handicap. With a maximum horsepower of 34PS and a maximum torque of 35n. M, it is a good choice for daily cycling and commuting.

Kawasaki Vulcan S Guide price: 78800 yuan -- 79800 yuan

About this Prince cruise car from Kawasaki series, to a large extent, it also meets some motorcycle friends' demands for imported Prince cars. Moreover, this car adopts an in-line twin-cylinder engine with a total displacement of 650CC, which just meets some requirements of the subject. Regarding the positioning of Kawasaki Vulcan S, it is also practical. Considering that the engine data is at 650 displacement, the power of this car is up to 61.2ps horsepower and 45KW maximum power, which can basically meet the needs of most motorcycle riders for long-distance or short-distance riding.


Honda CM500 guide price: 71,800 yuan

As for this CM500 from Honda, it is also a more capable model in the competition of mid-displacement Prince car. This model adopts a two-cylinder in-line engine and is originally produced in Japan. For its power performance, the maximum horsepower is 45.7ps, the maximum power is 33.6kW, and the maximum torque is 43.3n.m. About CM prince series, domestic motorcycle friends are more familiar with CM300, and the displacement of this CM500 power will be stronger, for the quality of the operation of the two-cylinder machine will be stronger than the single-cylinder machine.

Kawasaki Z650 guide price: 77600 yuan

This Z series sports street car from Kawasaki is also popular with young motorcycle riders, and has sporty design, which is more in line with the aesthetic standards of young people in terms of the vehicle elements. As for the power engine of this model, 650CC inline twin cylinder design is adopted, and there are requirements on the power demand. This Z650 can also meet the psychological requirements of some motorcyclists, the maximum power is 62.5ps horsepower, the maximum power is 46KW, and the streetcar style is easier to control, and better flexibility.

The above several models are within eighty thousand yuan of large trade imported models, and displacement in the main question of 600CC range fluctuation, are choosing models of friends, can be based on personal preferences, reference.