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Debut is high-end, "Fortex" city coupe pedal hot attack!
Release date:2022.06.09

On May 31, 2022, arena arena brand's brand new pedal model "FORTEX" officially came off the production line. With its European and American sporting style, differentiated appearance level, strong power performance, superior quality control configuration and other nuclear explosive skills, with the help of stars and the popularity of major online media, the "phenomenon-level" sales wave is imminent. Another high-end pedal is about to hit the "circle"!

"FORTEX", as the first sincerity work of Arena layout scooter market, has a superior overwhelming advantage, dynamic and fashionable appearance, and has the style of European and American sports. The front face design has a strong visual impact and high recognition; The vehicle body depicts a strong sense of muscle, power surging strong, full style, for the follow-up family research and development laid a strong foundation.

"Fortex" lasted nearly 3 years of research and development, design and modification process repeatedly from the UK design center to Shanghai RESEARCH and development base to Taizhou manufacturing center; The pursuit of extreme details, rigorous test and detection, road test accumulated more than 30,000 kilometers, a large number of detection and analysis and technical improvement, and strive to bring users unprecedented sense and comfortable experience of car level. Fortex strict quality control management is the most important part of the industry motorcycle friends, originally wanted to pay for the appearance level, but often will be conquered by its quality control no problem.


Selling point 01 Design started in Europe, more international style!

For the new consumer group in the Z era, appearance level is justice. Whether it is pedal or straddling, appearance is often the primary factor to attract young people.

"Fortex" for Europe's top design team to build, independent intellectual property rights and appearance patents; Simple and fashionable modeling, smooth line and surface, subduction locomotive, very dynamic; U LED headlight, taillight combination, collocation deep black cap "hunting cap" type windshield, dazzle cool noble temperament arises naturally. The new product of fortex, which features cool personality, excellent appearance and high quality, perfectly fits the current generation of 80/90 after the pursuit of cool, with dreams, personality and taste of the young consumer groups.

Selling point 02 concept from cars, driving more comfortable!

Both appearance level, and comfort! Fashion, fun and comfort have always been the mainstream direction of pedal industry development. "Fortex" scooter comfort wide body design, concept from the car, non-slip high and low level cushion, lightweight clutch, aluminum steering handle, extended foot pedal, comfortable control of car level; Taking into account the three-point sitting position and ergonomics principle, it is not easy to fatigue for long and long distance riding, and the riding comfort is excellent.

Selling point 03 Safety Based on the track, safer riding!

Exquisite manufacturing technology and rigorous testing process ensure the high-end quality of Fortex, and it will be safer and more stable in riding. Fortecus high-end configuration is complete, ABS disc brake system, manipulator welding frame, sports tires, enhanced aluminum alloy rim, plus more than 120 harsh quality control procedures, 30000 km sampling riding test, fully ensure the safety of users.

Selling point 04 configuration in view of life, B tone more advanced!

High-end, intelligent, practical, fortex comprehensive performance of everything super can play! High-tech intelligent ID secret lock, new intelligent LIQUID crystal instrument, integrated touch switch, LED lamp set, large row muffler, aluminum tail frame, large space storage box, leading configuration, fully show the style and feelings.

"Fortex" adopts racing class water-cooled 150cc power, large torque, low fuel consumption, smooth start, rapid acceleration. "Fortex" appearance novel, its power, comfort, handling, safety, emission standards and other aspects have reached the international standards, is a truly high-end sedan pedal car in the city.

At present, the development direction of the entire motorcycle industry has changed significantly, and the differentiated, interesting and fashionable motorcycle is more and more sought after by the current young people, and the evolution of motorcycle from "access car" to "interesting car" is the general trend. Fortecus starts from the high-end, no matter from the product positioning, quality control, or performance configuration, strength are superior to the same level of products. Appearance level, power, ALL kinds of ABS configuration, high appearance level "seducer sharp weapon" is absolutely it!