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Ninja1000SX on a bike ride
Release date:2022.06.09

Appearance design:

Despite being part of the Ninja family, the 1000SX is still visually reminiscent of the Z1000SX era.

The front face isn't ninja's family style, but the headlights are flat and elongated, with a slight downward slope, a nod to the Z-era look. In addition, the front face is still a shape that radiates from the front to the back, which will be more neutral from the side.

Split handlebars, but the height is close to the upper part of the fuel tank, much higher than the rear seat, the two sides of the surrounding does not run through the whole body, in the front area of this part well show the lines of the sports car.

The head of the car is higher than that of the sports car, so the shape of the fuel tank has to be extended backwards and downwards. At the same time, the shape of the fuel tank is subject to the influence of the handlebar steering and the rider, which is a diamond shape.

The whole body color is simple, the front section is mainly surrounded by green, and the back section is mainly black. The small part of the rear seat is raised, indicating that this car is really to take people.


Riding experience:

Sitting height 835, my height 175 sit for everyone to have a look, is basically two toes touchdown, or a reasonable adjustment of vehicle's gravity, although the body is wide, but in situ small Angle of tilt, the pressure to ride is not too big, at the same time, to sit on hold handlebar you feel, the actual sitting posture is a streetcar named, But the visual feeling is very sports car. Separated from the handlebars and surrounded by the sports car, the only thing that can pull you back is that the sitting position is not oppressive and the body is indeed thicker.

The dynamic performance of the car to my feeling is two words, calm, the benefit from two aspects, first is the power of electronic throttle is exquisite and accurate feedback, the second is the male upgrade engine in terms of power is strong, the two fit together, you will have the feeling of riding a jump of domesticated animals, let you suddenly have a lot of untrammelled confidence.

The idle speed is around 1100 RPM, and the speed will basically remain above 2000 RPM after starting. From 2000 RPM to 11000 RPM, the engine will always give you continuous and not abrupt linear and predictable dynamic feedback, and the power will be relatively mild when the speed is below 5000 RPM. But the noise is a low, defiant ferocity, and after 5,000 turns, the oppressive noise, the unambiguous power, the adrenalin rush, that's the fun of the liter.

One thing is obvious, that is, after the speed of the vehicle rises, the engine braking during oil return will be obvious and there will be a sense of frustration, perhaps because of the precise feedback of the electronic throttle, which leads to the synchronous power output of the engine at the moment of oil return.

The other thing is that we tested riding at 2,000 RPM in gear 3, 4, or even 5, and the car remained very smooth, and the throttle power feedback was so good and gentle that you could even ride the car out of a large ninja.

On the vibration of this point, there is still, more than 5000 RPM, from the handlebar and cushion vibration, or very uncomfortable, even four-cylinder models in the mechanical vibration is really no way to do perfect performance.

In our closed road test, we were able to go 110 in first gear, 147 in second gear, 177 in third gear, and 204 was out of fuel in fourth gear so the speed of the car was very high.

Vehicle weight 235 kg, 19 liters of fuel tank in the cart, or under the condition of low speed, or indeed quite stressful, but once the vehicle speed up, the whole car would immediately become very lightweight, flexible steering, was in a lean operation, stability of car body is very good, curve tracking sex is great, but because of the vehicle weight, and the reason for the rear wheel flat than, It is still slightly worse than other sports cars in the case of continuous turns, and the sitting position of the car is not very easy to ride if you want to ride it like a racing car, because it is positioned there.

The bidirectional electronic speedup is very smooth after the second gear, basically without any setbacks. In the case of downshifting, if the speed control is not very reasonable, there will still be some setbacks, but when switching between the first and second gear, there are still some obvious setbacks and strong feelings.

Brake configuration, intuitive feelings is that there are two kinds of front brake character, some linear soft, after a period of direct and decisive, the brake show the strength of the interface on the instrument can also see that some are green, the segment is yellow, so the brake is also want to take care of the set-up of a variety of usage scenarios, the brake of the auxiliary effect is to pass the exam.

By default, the front shock absorber belongs to the comfortable adjustment, soft, and the filtering effect is obvious. The pre-load adjustment of the rear shock absorber is very convenient, and the adjustment range is also very large, and you can make some adjustment at any time according to your own situation.

Although it was a litre model, I was not impressed by the clutch, which was very light.

The throttle opening, brake force and even the Angle of your left and right Angle are all displayed in the instrument, but the auxiliary functions of the electric control are basically unobtruded by the rider, that is, he is always there, but he is not always trying to do something to disturb you like a BMW. You can wire, turn, brake and accelerate in your own way as long as it's safe to do so.

The switch from Z1000 SX to Ninja 1000 SX is also a correction of Kawasaki's product matrix and gives the roadster more stories to tell.

Most of us for Kawasaki's cognition, good at making violent vehicles, so the status of the lake has been passed on by generations of new people, but today, it is not the time to compare who is more violent, but who can let the manic power, relax freely? For civilian cars, it's all about human-computer interaction, seamlessly connecting violent machines with people who want to enjoy riding through the medium of electric controls, and Ninja 1000 SX is kawasaki's way of interpreting a new idea of cycling.

It has the appearance of a sports car, the sitting position of a street car, the abundant power of the male upgraded four-cylinder, the electric control is also the use of kawasaki's technology, not only to take care of the daily riding, but also when you bend down to give you a boiling roar and adrenaline soaring acceleration, this is a complete car to take care of all kinds of need