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14780 yuan, domestic 250 vintage new car on the market, standard with Bosch ABS
Release date:2022.06.09

Today, Snapsun released a new generation of U Xia - Bigfoot climber. The price of this 250cc model has increased from 13,900 yuan to 14,780 yuan after the updated configuration. The new car is available in three colors: Starlight black, Titanium star grey and Wilderness green.

The most important upgrade of the 2022 Bigfoot is the suspension system. The front shock absorption is changed to the handstand front fork with relatively better sports performance, as well as the intelligent system that other big manufacturers are equipped with at present. Snapsheng also provides the cloud intelligent system for the new Bigfoot.

In addition to the two major upgrades, details of the 800 yuan more expensive car have been improved, including a longer front fender and an increasingly standard USB port. The open-sided tank still looks odd.

The new bigfoot is still equipped with the actual displacement of 249cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, the maximum power is 13kw@7500rpm, the maximum torque is 18N·m@6000rpm, the power data compared with the same level of dACHang models are some poor.


Other features include Bosch dual channel ABS, mechanical digital meters, split LED headlights and 18-inch spoke wheels with chocolate off-road tires.

Although Xiao Sheng calls this model a climber, its base is more like a street retro model. In China, there are many 250CC retro models to choose from, will we choose this 14,780 yuan "Bigfoot"?