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Can motorcycles be electrified?
Release date:2022.06.15

Motorcycle electrification, isn't that electric car?

In the field of automobiles, new energy is the electric version of fuel cars, but in the field of motorcycles, these are two completely different branches. Two-wheeled vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines can be classified as motorcycles, while vehicles equipped with batteries are electric vehicles.

Strictly speaking, these are two completely different technology routes, but also completely different types of development direction, motorcycle has its own set of criteria and regulation, electric car is another set of routes.

So electrification for so long, few motorcycle enterprises talk about electrification.


In the past two years, there have been many suggestions about the electrification of motorcycles. It is an unreasonable suggestion to predict the development direction of motorcycles by using gasoline car standards.

On the one hand, electric vehicles carry the mission of motorcycle electrification. Electric vehicle enterprises in the domestic market have huge sales volume, with the annual sales volume of more than 13 million units in 2021, and tens of millions of electric vehicles in the domestic market.

Essentially, urban commuter electric vehicles have replaced motorcycles in the traditional sense, and the transformation precedes the development of automobiles.

On the other hand, motorcycles have their own mission, motorcycle complex is very serious motorcycle friends, even with an electric car will still choose a motorcycle. In addition, motorcycles have advantages that electric cars cannot evolve, such as the ability to run for a long time, and electric cars are far behind.

Essentially speaking, motorcycle electrification is a very serious false proposition.

In fact, electric vehicle is the product of development together with motorcycle. The battery car has already opened up the market several decades ago, and the development of electric vehicle is very fast in the past ten years. And because of low price and simple technology, electric vehicle enterprises and the market develop very fast.

The fundamental of electrification is to solve the problem of large fuel consumption and serious pollution in the traditional fuel car market.

However, motorcycles do not belong to this product at all. At present, small displacement motorcycles, for example, consume 1-2L fuel per 100 kilometers, especially in the era of national Iv electric injection, motorcycle pollution is very little. Therefore, it is a very irrational behavior to follow suit.

Because the current two routes have been very mature, electric vehicle, motorcycle two fields have been ahead of the automobile evolution, motorcycle enterprises have their own way of development, Zongshen, Chunfeng, Yangtze river and other enterprises have stable market share, and in the electric vehicle field, Yadi, Emma and other enterprises develop well.

Therefore, the best way to develop the two-wheeled car market is unchanged at present, motorcycle in the rural market has a heavy mission to solve the basic travel, electric vehicles have the basic mission of urban commuting.

Motorcycle enterprises mainly produce reliable, stable and excellent products. The traditional internal combustion engine is not incompatible with the future development direction, and there are still core market demands in the future.

The core of electrification does not mean the elimination of the internal combustion engine at all, but the transformation of products that are necessary. Is the motorcycle a product that must be transformed?

The answer is no, motorcycle electrification is a false proposition. After all, at present, electric vehicles already have a huge market than motorcycles, motorcycle enterprises to transform electric vehicles, is to let the traditional motorcycle enterprises and the current electric vehicle industry of the first line of brand confrontation?

Basic industries still need to be driven by internal combustion engines, and not all products are suitable for using batteries as power sources.