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Kawasaki's new Ninja400 to add wings?
Release date:2022.06.15

The kawasaki Ninja 400 May be getting a wing, according to kawasaki Malaysia's Facebook page, which recently revealed a mysterious version of the Ninja series equipped with one of the most popular wings in recent years.

Kawasaki's Ninja400 and 650cc Ninja400 and 650CC ninja650 models are expected to have new hoods in their next update.


The kawasaki Ninja series now uses a look that has trickled down to other models with the 2018 Ninja400, kawasaki's fifth year of redefining the entry-level car in The country, and a new design for the next version seems logical.

The Ninja400's latest RC390 and CBR400R have been updated in recent years, so it's not surprising that Kawasaki wants to strengthen its Ninja400 lineup.

Kawasaki officials have no further details on the new Ninja model shown on their website, but we will keep you posted on the latest developments