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$27,800. Yamaha's new Nmax155, upgraded airbag damping
Release date:2022.06.15

Yamaha today unveiled the NMAX 155, the entry-level pedal of the 2022 model. The new version of the model has upgraded shock absorption in this update, and the listing price remains the same as the previous 27,800 yuan, with a total of seven colors to choose from.

The 2022 Yamaha Nmax 155 features a revamped rear suspension suspension. The new rear twin damper adds a gold airbag adjuster, and the new rear damper still supports manual adjustment.

Another color change for the new Yamaha model is the color scheme. The 2022 models come in dark grey, pearl white, Lightning silver, Phantom Grey, deep blue, red flame and ink turpentine, and Yamaha has made a variety of colors this time around.


Other features of the new car are the same as before: TCS tracking anti-skid system, dual channel ABS, smart key system, automatic start and stop function and more.

Yamaha has upgraded its new NMAX155, making it a little more competitive for the entry-level model. Of course, I'll talk to you later about how this rear shock absorber upgrade will change the driving experience.