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Duck duck is really here. Are you ready?
Release date:2022.06.23

Following the launch of ForteX, Arena plans to launch its second new product pedal named after the platypus, which is destined to have a strong "retro" color!

As the ancestor of retro creatures, the mysterious platypus is one of the oldest mammals in existence, with an unusual appearance, personality, and incredible skills. The platypus pedal was created in line with Arena's creative spirit when teri, the platypus super elf in Disney's "Flyboy and Ferb," performs miracles every day.

Nowadays, the homogenization phenomenon of motorcycle market is becoming more and more serious, and the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. How to make the brand stand out in the market? How to achieve differential management? With what products to win more consumers heart, achieve sales, profit double growth? Around these subjects, Arena has been thinking, has been acting.

Frankly speaking, the industry is not short of new products, but lack of "differentiation" "high-end" explosive! The current Z era of consumer groups, pay attention to is personalized, differentiation, the pursuit of fashion trends, novel fun, motorcycle appearance level, performance than in the past to improve a new level, taste demand is more high-end. A product with accurate market positioning, whether it is performance configuration, or the level of appearance, can really do people without me, people have my worry, then, there is no doubt that it will be a "popular and popular" word-of-mouth model, network red explosion. Arena platypus gives unlimited imagination!

By nearly period of time of visit, arenal this brand new scooter industry, is the "differentiation" to play to the extreme, this card is not with rival "bayonet" out of the unique young and fashionable tide, and an international brand style, the forthcoming "platypus" product is "personalized" developed to get incisively and vividly!


01.What we need is differentiation

In appearance, the platypus uses original design, all appearance parts are independently opened mold, unique in the market; The head uses bionic "platypus" modelling, "duck duck superman" series decal is more personalized develop acme.

In terms of power, the platypus uses KZL125 engine, strong power surging, energy saving and efficient, daily commuting, short-distance travel, manned shopping, climbing can be easily done, performance is absolutely no problem;

In braking, the car adopts front and rear linkage disc brake (CBS), front and rear disc brake (independently developed left rear disc brake), braking distance is shorter, control is more relaxed, effectively ensure the safety of the rider travel.

In quality control, Arena has always pursued to achieve details, quality requirements are extremely stringent. In order to ensure the performance of the vehicle, the comprehensive introduction of high-quality accessories, and a large number of dedicated mold parts, the vehicle supporting mainly dedicated parts. Before each new car leaves the factory, more than 30,000 kilometers of road testing, as well as a lot of testing and analysis, and constantly improve the technical improvements, and strive to bring users a new comfortable driving experience.

02 Positioning high-end, unlimited market potential

As is known to all, the recent serious "inside volume" scooter market, not only Japanese, European, and Taiwan is each big international brand innovation, push product activity, domestic brands are not to be outdone, especially in zhejiang, chongqing, guangdong three plates for on behalf of the enterprise is to follow the market trend, increasing investment to develop the scooter market.

According to incomplete statistics, the overall sales volume of scooter in 2021 will increase by 9.25% compared with that in 2020. Scooter is obviously more valued by domestic and foreign funds and has a broader market prospect.

Arena brand positioning high-end, take the international trend line. Platypus has unique appearance design, high-end atmosphere, outstanding appearance level, quality and quality control is also quite excellent, perfectly integrates retro feelings and modern science and technology, truly fits the high-end and personalized consumer needs of young people, and has become the only choice for many young people in Z era to play and commute.

It is not difficult to see that the motorcycle consumption orientation has changed significantly, the industry will gradually to play, high-end, youth cool direction development, motorcycle will complete the "tool car market" to "toy car market" transformation. In the future, differentiation will become the mainstream of market competition, and individuation, fashion and entertainment will become a new consumer trend. There is no doubt that the platypus, with its unique features and beauty, has already walked in the forefront of The Times.

In the future, ARENA will introduce more personalized pedal models to the domestic market, bringing unique driving pleasure to consumers. In addition, ARENA is sincerely looking for domestic agents in some areas, and we welcome people with lofty ideals to join us to explore the gold market and create the future!