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The motorcycle disdain chain is bigger than anyone thought!
Release date:2022.06.23

Chains of contempt have always existed, and exist in any consumer industry. Generally speaking, the less mature the consumer industry, the more it pursues the "price is king" strategy, basically, the higher the price, the harder it is to be despised, while high-price products tend to despise all goods that are cheaper than it.

The motorcycle industry has more chains of contempt than any other consumer industry. In a word, imports despise joint ventures, joint ventures despise domestic, and domestic is always wrapped in each other.

01 imported motorcycle high displacement and price

Motorcycles need to be imported, is not in line with the current industrial status quo, after all, the era of two-wheel walking tools has long passed, the domestic has formed a perfect, exquisite motorcycle manufacturing production line and supporting industry. But it does not have large displacement, high-performance motorcycle manufacturing capacity, because it does not belong to the daily transport products.

There are still a small number of domestic users with these consumer needs, so these models need to be imported. In other words, if there is no market created by many people, it is bound to be high-end.

Therefore, we have also seen that Honda, BMW and KTM motorcycles with a price of 100,000 yuan are all imported into China. The displacement of these motorcycles is as small as 800cc and as large as 1800cc. The displacement of these motorcycles can even compete with cars.

Performance, configuration, process standards naturally needless to say, 3 seconds of acceleration, road beast, cross-country king and other codes stand out, and their biggest role on the road is not to solve the problem of travel, but to highlight the identity of cyclists.


02 Joint venture motorcycle excellent gene and good reputation

Joint venture motorcycle is the mainstay of the industry. The development of typical Japanese motorcycle enterprises such as Wuyang Honda, New Continent Honda and Haojue Suzuki in China for several decades has created a good enough market with a solid reputation. A large number of users choose joint venture motorcycle, is to seek a psychological value of recognition, as well as a high-quality travel guarantee.

Joint venture motorcycle price is not high, but the reliable quality and long life, can be called the daily ride of the ceiling choice, the same joint venture motorcycle price is not low, ranging from ten thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, displacement from 125CC to 400CC, become a motorcycle "middleweight" important choice.

03 Domestic motorcycle inrolls and price highlights

The price of domestic motorcycles at the bottom of the market is quite low, as little as 4000 yuan, and as expensive as 20,000 yuan. They are often the players who continue to be despised. The users who choose domestic motorcycles do not have any "support ism", and the reason for buying domestic motorcycles is mostly because of "low price".

Rationally, the same displacement of domestic motorcycles than joint venture motorcycles in the reliability, stability is slightly worse, because do not have large displacement motorcycle manufacturing level, domestic motorcycles can not directly seize the market with imported motorcycles.

Despise the formation of the chain is very clear, large displacement, high pricing of imported motorcycles can despise everything, and the daily household aspects of the joint venture motorcycle can be public praise, feelings, reliable to despise domestic motorcycles.

Because of the low price, domestic motorcycles can only be rolled in each other. And the so-called knight seems to no longer pay attention to "riding handsome not riding fast", the pursuit of speed and never allow others to overtake on the road mentality, and then attached to the chain of contempt, a lot of motorcycle friends have no knight's spirit of exploration.

For the current young motorcycle owners, to buy a motorcycle, to show cool, fun elements will be more.