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R1 overhaul coming soon? Or a brand new engine
Release date:2022.06.23

Yamaha R1, which was listed in China the year before last, recently sparked discussions about the revamp of this super sports car overseas because some information about 2023 Yamaha models appeared in FIM vehicle registration information.

The yamaha 2023 model is code-named YZF1000W, prefixed by YZF1000, yamaha's internal name for the YZF-R1. The "W" suffix is the track version, which is named after the track version R6, which is still in production.

However, considering yamaha's models participating in events like WSBK, most of them have a commercially available model on the same platform. Since its launch in 2015, the CURRENT R1 has only been slightly altered once the year before because of Euro 5 emissions.


In this so many years have no big upgrade changes, the official next to their own signature imitation race R1 to do some upgrade optimization is also normal.

In fact, yamaha's recent action on R1 is not only the information disclosed for the current 2023 track version, but also the recent application of MotoGP technology seamless transmission patent based on the commercially available R1, which also means that the commercially available R1 may be modified or adopt a new engine next time.

Sharing the new technology between different models could also save Yamaha a lot of money on development, as many big international companies do.

Yamaha has yet to confirm whether the new R1 will be the first commer