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Is four-cylinder motorcycle motorcycle travel feasible? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Release date:2022.06.29

Since motorcycle development is also influenced generations of people, but from the point of the history of foreign, is much earlier than the development of domestic, after all of the most popular motorcycle are mainly come from foreign technology, from the previous two stroke motorcycle to four stroke motorcycle, its historical development and the changes of The Times, There are also single cylinder, double cylinder, three cylinder, four cylinder, six cylinder...

But for now single cylinder and double cylinder is still the mainstream, but for the multi-cylinder machine four-cylinder motorcycle is also recognized by motorcycle friends, as for such a motorcycle can be used for long-distance riding?

About four cylinder car usage is also popular with everyone's attention, and for some high-performance four cylinder car is not in the minority, after all, some liter motorcycle competition level is adopted four cylinder car design, and has many advantages in high speed, on single cylinder and double cylinder model, at the same level of motorcycle is also many strengths, including fuel consumption performance and maintenance cost, etc.

Thus, it is also created now that the two-cylinder and single-cylinder technology of motorcycles can become the main models of motorcycle travel, but for the design of four-cylinder cars, its application is also more extensive, if used for long-distance motorcycle travel, it is feasible?

Also give you details about this problem, after all, the current four cylinder car may also be great popularity at home, after all, a lot of "friends have four cylinder car of feelings, for these four cylinder motorcycle emissions is compared commonly big, such as domestic currently four-cylinder models are started in the 600 cc, such large displacement is undoubtedly the choice scope is small.

Although the burnished inferior, only four cylinder high concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but for the use of four cylinder car may not be single cylinder and double cylinder so much, but for four cylinder dynamic performance of the motorcycle is also received a lot of friends and the recognition, as for whether can play four cylinder car some long-distance motorized brigade is also considering its advantages and disadvantages.

For such a complex problem is difficult to many people, about the advantages of the four-cylinder car?


01 Advantages 1

Four cylinder motorcycle design and two cylinder or single cylinder is different, the only distinction may be four cylinder car has four vent out, each cylinder is independent of the cylinder, if in the same level displacement of two cylinder compared with four cylinder car, four cylinder pressure strength to a few bigger, is more uniform, smooth for long time cycling and running, will be better.

02 Advantages 2

Four cylinder is also obvious, the advantages of the friends from the understanding of four cylinder car is not a day or two, perception of four cylinder car also reflect on the opposition, as for the four cylinder of also is to let some four-cylinder feelings "friends by its influence, such as the overseas edition of some four cylinder car, Honda CB400, Honda CB1300 kawasaki, suzuki, yamaha R1, such as cars, The sound of a continuous whistle when their engines started was also very pleasant to listen to.

03 Advantages 3

In addition to sound good to listen, it's design also has a v-shaped cylinder design, L cylinder design, straight cylinder design, more in a different way, but are asynchronous and synchronous operation mode, through between piston and cylinder pressure, forming a strong mechanical movement, if does not have a cylinder combustion phenomenon, so other of the cylinder block can be run normally, That is to say, the short cylinder can also ride normally, but it is not recommended, it will cause more serious consequences, and the quality performance of the four-cylinder bicycle is better than that of the single cylinder and double cylinder machine.

After talking about some of the advantages of the above, why the four-cylinder car is rarely used for long-distance motorcycle travel also has some of its disadvantages, such as knowing such disadvantages, you will choose the four-cylinder car as a long-distance motorcycle travel vehicle?

04 Weaknesses in detail

About the advantages of the four-cylinder motorcycle is also more, and about its disadvantages is also to attract everyone's attention, especially to long-distance motorcycle travel.

Fuel consumption high performance is also reflected in four cylinder on the motorcycle, motorcycles and cars, after all, the design is different, especially the design of the engine is at a low torque less than four-cylinder engine, the automobile and motorcycle can run through high speed can reach speeds of more than stronger motivation and cycling, for its operation in a different way, ride the faster, then the corresponding rotational speed will be higher, Like some of the early four cylinder high transfer are through the compression of the speed to achieve stronger power, but the disadvantage of high speed leads to a straight rise in fuel consumption.

After the fuel consumption is not ideal, we will understand why the four-cylinder motorcycle does not introduce the motorcycle.

05 Weaknesses in detail two

Four cylinder than twin and single cylinder volume is large, the contrast is in the same capacity, if the increase of the volume, then the corresponding vehicle weight will be bigger, but for some long distance motorized brigade car design, the weight is generally the control in a reasonable scope, if the volume and weight increase, then the corresponding control cannot be talked about, Considering that the current pull car and cruise car in the riding environment is different, then carrying a four-cylinder pull car, its off-road performance will be greatly reduced, as for the current off-road motorcycle why not introduce the design of four cylinders is such a reason.

06 Weaknesses three

After compared the weight and fuel consumption performance, long distance cycling is not only in the aspect of maintenance and maintenance to return to the acceptable range, for four cylinder car maintenance at ordinary times is still a concern, for the current four cylinder of cuhk bikes, each maintenance needs more than three bottles of oil, and for the long distance cycling motorized brigade, The high cost of maintenance and maintenance is not ideal, as for some other parts that often need to be replaced, such as spark plugs, a replacement is four rounds, think of not often used for long-distance travel.

After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the four-cylinder car, I believe that we have a certain understanding of the use of the four-cylinder car scene, but for recreational streetcar, imitation race like to use the four-cylinder engine, from its advantages is to prove that the four-cylinder car motion quality and power output performance is quite in place.

This is why the tension of the tour industry car cruising with coach use less basic reasons of four-cylinder engine, but in addition to the part like multi-cylinder car except the friend, or some economic conditions good the friend, the height of the pursuit is not only four cylinder car so simple, like some high-end large displacement car cruising, such as BMW K1600, Honda's gold wing, Both are equipped with six-cylinder engines. If you often ride in short distance and daily travel, leisure riding, four-cylinder car is also a very wise choice.