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4 cylinder 500 cc! Honda may develop a new four-cylinder car for the domestic market
Release date:2022.06.29

Honda announced earlier this year that it would officially stop production of the CB400SF, a four-cylinder model that was thought to be on its way out for good, but Japanese media recently reported that Honda seems to be reviving plans for a new four-cylinder model for the new era.

Honda is currently working on a new four-cylinder 500cc engine, based on which the car will be a successor to the CB400SF. Another important thing that has been revealed in the Japanese media is that the new 4-cylinder 500cc power platform will be prepared for the domestic market.

As Honda has been rolling out some retro models in the past two years, the official does not want to give up the classic retro series, and Honda has also released the 4-cylinder 500cc Dream CB500 FOUR in the past.

Dream CB500 FOUR retrofit cases

As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. While Kawasaki is constantly talking about developing a new four-cylinder 400cc power platform, it is normal for Honda to launch a new four-cylinder power platform model to replace the discontinued CB400SF series.


As for the Japanese media revealed for the domestic market development, this can only be verified later. However, Honda has been introducing more models in the domestic market in the past two years, as well as increasing the number of middle row stores, Honda is also planning a deep cultivation in the domestic market.

When exactly will Honda launch this four-cylinder 500cc power platform? We will keep you updated with further official information.