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Yamaha TMAX560 "pedal king"! Yan youliao, high-end configuration, power surging
Release date:2022.07.07

Motorcycle development in recent decades, from the development of two-stroke single-cylinder motorcycle to today's four-stroke multi-cylinder machine, manufacturing technology can be said to advance by leaps and bounds. Especially Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, in the industry has a good reputation. Among them, the speed of scooter category development is increasing day by day, from the last century began to become popular in the world.

However, many well-known pedal models have not been introduced into China. For imported scooters, a considerable part of them are manufactured by other countries. For example, Southeast Asia gathers motorcycle manufacturing factories all over the world, from BMW models to KTM models, including models from the four major Japanese factories, all have their production bases. And those international brand motorcycle models once imported to the domestic that is the big car trade, the price is also to double.

Of course, some high-performance motorcycles are only produced overseas, but there are still many difficulties in introducing them to China. Only some good small and medium displacement models are allowed to be introduced into China for sale, including some popular street cars and scooters. The TMAX560 from Yamaha is an imported model with a relatively large displacement in the pedal car industry, which is dubbed as "pedal King" by many motorcycle friends. This TMAX560 with 560CC displacement and rich configuration has become an ideal pedal model for many motorcycle friends.


When we pursue small displacement scooter, we will consider the brand and price factors. The price of this TMAX560 is relatively high in China. Of course, Yamaha TMAX560 vehicle configuration at home and abroad imported models are also outstanding, equipped with in-line twin engine, power performance is also the pedal car industry leader, this car in addition to displacement is large enough, its running quality is also worth considering.

The engine type is CVT continuously variable speed engine, with ABS brake system in front and back. The seat is as high as 800MM, and the appearance is also quite impressive. The volume of the vehicle is still very large, with a length, width and height of 2200*765* 1420/1555mm, and its volume looks thicker.

The price of this pedal king TMAX560 in Japan is about 70,000 yuan, relative to the origin of the country, there is a great price advantage, for the pursuit of texture and better riding experience for motorcycle friends, this TMAX560 is a good choice.